The API handles bookings in a different manner to other resources - this is because of the way that bookings cross-cut the other resources. Consequently, bookings are not accessed directly, rather they are manipulated via other resources.


All front-end requests use the branch resource to manipulate bookings and as such, all testing has been against that resource. There may be dragons waiting in other parts of the API that are less well tested for booking manipulation.

Creating a Booking

Creating a booking is a simple POST operation. If the user has admin or keaz privileges, additional fields may be submitted in the request body.

  • user-id - make the booking on behalf of another user.
  • cost-centre_id - mark the booking against an arbitrary cost-centre.
  • trip_purpose - free text which describes the reason for the booking.
Operation: POST /vehicle/1/booking/DATETIMEPATH
Request body:
    "user-id": 3,
    "cost-centre_id": 7,
    "trip_purpose": "service"
Intent: create a new booking
Status: 201 Created
Response body: { BOOKING HASH }


Newly created bookings will send an email to either the approval users or the user who made the booking.

Approving a Booking

Bookings which require approval will be assigned a ticket. This ticket can be submitted with a PUT request in order to move the booking status from pending to approved.

Operation: PUT /booking/approve/TICKET
Intent: approve booking
Status: 200 OK

Retrieving a Booking

When a booking is returned, it includes constructed related data and the start and end times as follows

Operation: GET /booking/1
Intent: fetch booking 1
Status: 200 OK
Response body:
    "id": 1,
    "user_id": 2,
    "company_id": 7,
    "cost-centre_id": 3,
    "branch_id": 13,
    "vehicle_id": 81,
    "vehicle_name": "gi joe",
    "vehicle-body_id": 2,
    "vehicle-model_id": 6,
    "createdby_userid": 1,
    "date_created": { DATETIME },
    "start": { EPOCH },
    "end": { EPOCH },
    "start_string": { DATETIME },
    "end_string": { DATETIME},
    "trip_purpose": "joyride",
    "state": "approved",
    "cost_total": "0.0",
    "cost_type": ?,
    "cost_sub": ?,
    "cost_time": ?,
    "cost_currency": "aud",
    "company": { COMPANY HASH },
    "branch": { BRANCH HASH },
    "cost-centre": { COST-CENTRE HASH },
    "user": { USER HASH },
    "vehicle": { VEHICLE HASH },
    "vehicle_assets": { ASSETS HASH }

Booking Notes

Bookings may have an arbitrary number of notes associated with them.

GET /booking/ID/notes

Use this endpoint to retrieve all notes for a booking.

POST /booking/ID/notes

Create a note for a booking. Data is passed in as message in the request body.

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